Monday, December 5, 2011

"But Gosh Your So Normal!!!"

Last night I had a funny little encounter. Every Sunday night my family has dinner with out grandparents and every now and then my grandparents will invite people to have dinner with us as well. Usually they're real important people like doctors, politicians, and opera stars and yesterday another few people were invited as well: the first violinist of the symphony along with his wife and son,  and another couple who were friends with my grandpa. One of my poems was just published in an anthology (my 8th poem to be published within the last two years!!) and my mom brought a copy to give to my grandparents. Near the end of the dinner some of the guests wanted to read the poem as well so my mom passed around the book to a few of them. One of the women was nearly brought to tears while reading it and thought it was amazing! At the end of dinner she came up to me, grabbed me by the solders, and said, "Gosh your so smart! And I don't know how you have that kind of insight; it amazes me! Your so smart, but gosh your so normal! Usually smart people aren't as normal as you". I obviously hadn't been ticcing hardly at all during the dinner. At least not in any way that was noticeable. I really appreciated the compliment about my poetry, but lady if you had seen me an hour later you would have not made that comment.

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