Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick Winter Break Update

Well there's not much to report on today. I've been sitting around at home roaming around the internet and youtube. I've been filling out some scholarships for college and that's pretty much it. How exciting! Not really, lol. Today is my 5th day of taking 25 mg of Zoloft and 5 mg of Lexipro for my OCD and on Monday I'll stop taking zoloft completely and just switch to 10mg of Lexipro . Lexipro itsn't officially FDA approved for OCD but my doctor says that's because the drug company didn't want to pay the extra money to get the approval but it still works just as well as other medications that are FDA approved for OCD. Maybe it will even work better than other approved meds for me. This is what I am hoping. Well not much more to say unfortunately. I am getting excited for our Hanukkah party that my family is hosting for my dad's side of the family on Sunday! A Hanukkah party on Christmas! Haha, it just happened to be the day that everyone was free. Anyway I get to see my three cousins who are my age, Twitch, Kitty, and Lipstick, and hopefully we will all have fun!

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