Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Waiting in Limbo

Well if there's one thing I can say I safely hate, it's waiting. I hate waiting in line, waiting for something to start, or waiting to leave. These last two weeks have involved some major waiting and I'm not a huge fan of it at all! I've applied to a few different research positions, and have had many interviews over the past few weeks. In total i've had 7 interviews now! Three at my number one choice here in my home town, four with a program fairly close by but in another state, and one with a lab that I probably would not end up taking if they offered it to me for a number of reasons. I'm waiting to hear back from them. All of last week I got up each morning to check my email early in the morning only to see each day that there was no email! Turns out my #1 choice had a delay due to the PI being out of town and a big grant that was due, so now i'm supposed to hear back from them this week. The other lab had some major changes so the job is very different now than it was originally. Rather than working on multiple projects with two different people, now I would just be working on one project and it would be a one year commitment rather than a 2 year. The other position is a 2 year commitment. The potential offers are ever changing, and I currently have no idea what i'll be doing next year (or for the next two years). Hopefully I'll hear back this week with some offers. As of now, i'm waiting in limbo and running as many subjects I can to finish my senior thesis.

It's cold and snowing outside. It snowed all day and the roads were treacherous. I saw two cars that had crashed within 5 min of each other. One was off the road the fireman were trying to pry the doors open. I felt like I was on Chicago Fire or Rescue 911. I drove very slowly after seeing that. Then I met my mom at starbucks and we worked together. She told me about her job and how she doesn't like one of the resource teachers. I showed her the map of where all the care packages that my new organization has made have been sent to so far. Now i'm sitting in bed in my dorm room and I think i'll watch a little of the new episode of Chicago fire before bed. I'll take my melatonin and clonidine before though. I tried to get off clonidine, but it didn't work out so well so I'm back on it now. When I got off it, my tics got bad when lying in bed trying to fall asleep and it was just really unpleasant and not a lot of fun. Now i'm back on the clonidine and all is well with sleep.