Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aspergers Syndrome: Awareness For My Volunteering Classroom!

I work with children who have more severe cases of Aspergers and Autism at the special-ed school that I volunteer at and will be doing my senior project. Because of this, I thought I would spread some Aspergers awareness for my special little friends at the special-ed school.

Here are some of my favorite Aspergers awareness videos:


What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome have an intellectual capacity within the normal range or even above the normal range, but have a distinct profile of abilities that has been apparent since early childhood. The profile of abilities includes the following characteristics:
A qualitative impairment in social interaction:
    • Failure to develop friendships that are appropriate to the child’s developmental level.
    • Impaired use of non-verbal behaviour such as eye gaze, facial expression and body language to regulate a social interaction.
    • Lack of social and emotional reciprocity and empathy.
    • Impaired ability to identify social cues and conventions.
    A qualitative impairment in subtle communication skills:
    • Fluent speech but difficulties with conversation skills and a tendency to be pedantic, have an unusual prosody and to make a literal interpretation.
    Restrictive Interests:
    • The development of special interests that is unusual in their intensity and focus.
    • Preference for routine and consistency.
    May also include: 
    •  motor clumsiness 
    •  problems with handwriting 
    • being hypersensitive to specific auditory and tactile experiences
    • impulsiveness 
    • tics 
    • self-stimulation behaviors 

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