Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Memory from the Past: The "No Move" Game

I just love it when a memory from the past comes up out of seemingly nowhere. One day you're sitting at the computer doing some homework or watching a movie and you suddenly see a memory that had been pushed aside and put in some dark corner of your brain until just now when some synapse fired off somewhere and brought it back from oblivion by mere chance of brain chemistry or by something that you might see in your day that reminds you of something long forgotten. The other night I was laying in bed, trying so hard to stay still and to stop ticcing and squirming and scratching, and suddenly the little 2nd or 3rd grade version of myself, which I like to think is still somewhere inside of me, said "Play the "NO MOVE" game. This is when, for the first time in a long time, I thought of those nights spent playing the "No Move" game when I was little. I remembered how frustrated I was with myself when I was trying to stay still and go to bed at night and when I just KEPT MOVING. Thus the invention of the "no move" game, which is a very simple game and involves doing exactly what the game is titled: not moving.  I would see how long I could stay still for in bed and every time I scratched or squirmed or tightened my muscles (my nighttime tics at the time) I would loose the game and would have to start over. As you can imagine, I lost quite often. I wonder why I just didn't call it the "don't move" game, but who knows what forms the strange figments of a child's mind. Anyway that was my little memory that I thought about for the first time in a long while. Just thought I would share one of the many frustrations of living with Tourette's as a child.

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