Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tourettes On a Second Date :)

Last night was my second date with Speed Racer. And let me tell you the nick name still fits oh too well! He is such a fast driver and we had our fair share of run-ins with curbs and forgotten stop signs. He picked me up from my house and we went out to an Indian restaurant because we both have a thing for Indian food. We talked about everything and anything ranging for what we want to do with our lives to politics. I was extremely comfortable ticcing around him last night because of how relaxed he is about the whole TS thing. If he has a question he just asks me about it. On the date he asked if I tic in my sleep (a very common question) and why I wasn't ticcing that much in the beginning and I explained again how people with TS don't tic 24/7. One of the other reasons why I was so conformable ticcing around him was because of a conversation we had over text. YES, over text! He told me he thought I was perfect in every way and I responded that I'm far from perfect and that I obsess, and twitch, and make noises, and im overly anxious, and bother people even when I don't want to.  His response to this was that he thinks TS makes me unique and that he sees me as an amazing person. He told me not to let TS make me think that 'im not an amazing person and that I have insight that so called "normal people" don't have. He then said I could do anything, I could work hard, become a famous author if I wanted to, and inspire others with TS. And yes, all this over text! He really is an amazing guy :)

Anyway knowing he thought all this about me really made me feel okay about my tics. We sped over to the movie theater after dinner and we were 40 minutes early because, well, he's Speed Racer! So we stopped went into an ice cream shop near by and played chess until the movie started. At this point I started ticcing pretty badly. Bird chirping, squeaking, jerking my arms, and hitting but Speed Racer acted totally normal. He made some cute comments to put me at ease and we continued talking and playing chess. Some girls next to us started laughing and staring a bit and I was pretty sure they were laughing at me, but I'm used to this and Speed Racer and I just ignored it. 

We went over to the movie and he checked with me asking if  I wanted to sit in the back since I was ticcing badly. We both agreed that the sitting in the back was a good idea and so that's what we did. The movie was PG and really cute. I was worried that he wouldn't like it but he said he did. I got through the movie okay without disturbing anymore too much. I was doing a lot of hitting and jerking and even full body tics which I think may have been the reason that he didn't put his arm around me. Although this was our second date and I kind of was expecting that he would. But I can't blame him, he probably didn't want to get his arm hit or thrown off of me. Lol :) 

All in all it was a very good night. Even though he ran through a red light on the way back home and almost crashed into another car. Next time I have to tell him to be more careful with the driving and to SLOW DOWN! =D

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