Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tourettes and Creativity: A Gift and a Curse

Just wanted to share the vast and quite prominent link between Tourettes and creativity. I think these following video's illustrate really well that people with Tourettes more often than not have an unusually keen creative side. I think this is true with me as well, as I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was very young. My poetry has been published many times and I have been to some very prominent Creative Writing programs in the US.

This one blows me away every time I watch it! It's a slam poetry piece done by a young man named Devin. He suggests that even though having TS is hard, it's what gives him his gift with poetry and with words. Sometimes I too think this is true. Sometimes people ask me where I get my gift for poetry and I would guess that it comes from having Tourettes. Too much dopamine isn't always a bad thing.

This one follows up the last one and explores more on the subject of how Tourettes and creativity are linked. Tourettes truly is a gift and a curse.

If you'd like to, you can share what your talent or what your child's talent in the realm of creativity. Comment below! Also if anyone has any more video's, articles, or other sources that touch on the subject of Tourettes and creativity, please feel free to share! How is your Tourettes both a gift and a curse? 

Here are some other video's that show the creative side of Tourettes! You can see just how much information and video is out there which shows the connection between Tourettes and creativity. Hope you enjoy them! 

Literally being creative with tics (this I think is awesome!): 

This little boy is turning Tourettes into music litterally! (P.S. I know him :) ) 

Again, turning tics into creativity! (The Twitch Trials! Music, dance, and art made directly from tics) 

Tourettes Hero, aka Jess Thom has many complex vocal tics which she has decided to be very creative with! She creates video's and artwork that are direct artistic representations of her complex vocal tics!

Here is a profile of Jess

And here are some artistic videos and some art that have been created from her complex vocal tics:

People with TS sure like the musical side of creativity: 

Go James Durbin!

A Tourettic rapper! This video talks about how music and creativity can actually help someone with Tourettes reduce their tics. Very interesting. If you have tourettes try to pick up an instrument or maybe try out singing, rapping, or dancing. Who knows you may discover a hidden talent and it might help your tics as well! 

 A Self Introduction from a guy who has Tourettes - Tourettes and Creativity: 

Overcoming Tourette Syndrome- Frank Martin Verdejo-Chica: 

Tourette's, art, and other creative modes of expression: 

Twitch and Shout Documentary (an older documentary that features a photographer, a singer, and an artist who all have Tourettes) 

Part 1:

Part 2: 


  1. What a great collection of videos. You have a great Tourette resource here. We are putting a link of your blog under our Teens4TS blog at http://www.njcts.org/teens4ts.

  2. Watch the documentary on the anonymous musicans behind countless hits. Its called The Wrecking Crew. A couple of those players with serious skills exhibit facial tics.