Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Attempt to be Ambidextrous

I've been trying to teach myself how to write with my left hand for a little bit now. I'm right handed but my right hand always seems to start ticcing during a hand written essay or a test. My two most common tics with my hand right now are shaking it pretty fast or turning my wrist and clenching my fist in a way that makes it look like i'm turning a key with my hand. Because my right hand is stronger and more coordinated it seems to be the one that's always ticcing. During my French test today I had to stop writing and drop my pencil many times because I was shaking my right hand pretty hard and doing the key turning tic. Luckily I have extended time for all my tests and with this extra time I was able to finish, but this would have been a very good time to be able to be ambidextrous! So far my writing with my left hand is legible even though it is much messier and larger than the writing with my right hand. Also it takes me a long time to write anything with my left hand, so right now it's not really practical to just switch hands when one of my hands is ticcing badly but hopefully this may be an option for me soon! I'll just have to keep practicing! :) 

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  1. I trained myself to be ambidextrous when I was five. It does take a few years to really get it down, but it is worth it when you get there! I still haven't perfected my writing with my left hand, but if I write a little slower, you can't tell the difference. If you haven't gotten it down yet, keep trying. Try tracing letters over and over to get your hand used to doing it. Get your hand used to holding a pen. It's hard but it can be done :)