Sunday, November 6, 2011

If Skype Video Chats Were Recorded.....

Last night I was skypeing with my awesome friend from Canada who also has TS. It's really great talking with another person with TS who I can relate to so well! I know a lot of people with TS, but I'd have to say that out of all of them I can talk about TS the most openly and freely with my friend from Canada. We seem to have VERY similar situations and a similar severity of tics as well. Should I give her a nick name? Hmmmm.....Let me think. Let's go with Starry. It seems to fit in my opinion :). So last night Starry said something that really made me smile. I came up with a very random "what if" which consisted of "what if all the skype conversations were recorded and saved and there was someone who went through them and watched them". It actually may be a possibility considering that our phone calls are sometimes listened to by the government apparently. So I suggested that our call may be the most interesting out of a lot of others and that the person watching would probably be like "what the heck?".

The conversation that followed:
Starry: "oh yeah, because we're talking about Chinese food and other really weird stuff"
Me: "Haha, true. And we're twitching and making noises"
Starry: "OH, hahaha. I don't even think about that when I'm talking to you"

This really made me smile. Starry and I may have both been twitching and making noises but it was so normal for both of us that it was just background noise that we didn't even notice much. When I'm talking with Starry, I'm just me. I'm not the girl with Tourettes making noises and twitching and she isn't either. We're just two people sharing stories and being friends :)


  1. Hey, I have a Canadian Skype Group for people with Tourette's and coprolalia.

    If interested, email me at

    1. This video is an introduction to the Skype Group.