Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oops...Once Again I Forgot about Tourettes

Oops...Once Again I Forgot about Tourettes. Last night Debate Bro was using the bathroom and was taking way to long! I sooo wanted him to get out so I could get in the bathroom, so I was waiting outside the bathroom. I kept telling Debate Bro to hurry up but he got annoyed and told me if I kept standing there he would take even longer! So he closed the door and I decided since he couldn't see me I would just keep waiting outside of the bathroom and pretend that I left. Here's the part where I say oops forgot about Tourettes. I'm so used to some of my vocal tics that I don't even notice when i'm doing them. After about a minute of me standing outside the bathroom, Debate Bro shouted out "I can hear you out there!!!". Oops so much for making him think I had left.  My vocal tics give me away every time, and I was still left waiting for quite some time to get in the bathroom.

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