Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beating OCD on the Pizza Front

Today I ate domino's pizza for the first time in over a year, and it was GREAT! It tasted like the best pizza i've eaten in my life. I was actually kinda proud of myself. I know, you must be thinking "well what's the big deal? It's just pizza!". Well for me eating pizza is not so simple. My OCD has made it pretty much impossible for me to eat any food with my hands (due to my main contamination obsession) for about over a year now and I have finally come to a point in my treatment with Ginger Therapist where eating food with my hands is possible. I of course have to wash my hands first and I can't touch anything besides the pizza before it goes in my mouth but still it's certainly a step forward. It took a lot of work to  be able to beat OCD on this one small front but none the less I just beat OCD. I won a battle. I did not win the war, just a small battle and OCD wins just about every other time with just about every other thing, but I have been able to push it back for this one issue. I'm excited because now I will be able to eat pizza or any other finger food when I go to college as long as I wash my hands first. I certainly have a lot of other things to work on in terms of OCD and although i'm probably never going to get rid of the fact that I live with OCD, I will be able to manage it and to some extent control how much it effects my life. There are some aspects of my obsessions and compulsions that I feel I couldn't even begin to even think about working on, but at least today I was able to win in the battle against OCD even if only in a small way.

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