Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's been going on in the Tourette's/OCD community this week? (Week of March 25th)

(March 19th) American Idol’s James Durbin Talks About Living With Tourette's — Exclusive:

(March 20th) Trek in Canada Closing In On $500,000 For Tourette: 

(March 20th) Full version of the Tourette's Syndrome documentary "Twitch and Shout" produced in 1993 is available online:

(March 21st) Blog post about Marc Elliot's impact on a college student who heard his speech:

(March 22nd) Bayside Teen To Participate In Tourette Syndrome Youth Ambassador Training In Washington D.C.:

(March 23rd) Local families talk about importance of supporting and attending Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day in New Jersey:

(March 24th) Eureka Teen Becomes Tourette Ambassador:

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