Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saw a Musical with My Best Friend and Boy Friend! Excitement made my tics bad during the day, but they calmed down after school!

Yesterday was my last day of school for the week since it was Friday, and I was excited because after school I was going to hang out with my best friend (Tie Dye Socks) and my boy friend (Speed Racer). We were all going to see the school musical together and I was pumped! This means my tics were way worse on Friday though. I was doing a lot of my loud yelping vocal tics near the end of the day all through History class and my last period free period. During last period I sat next to my friend who is a Junior and was ticcing a lot! She knows about my Tourette's and didn't react to my tics at all, no matter how loud they were. A sophomore boy in the room was not however, so used to Tourette's. He turned around to face me from an adjacent couch and said ""I'm sorry, but what was that loud noise?". I think he thought it was my computer or a fire alarm of sorts because he seemed concerned like maybe he was supposed to react to it by going down in the basement, lol. I replied "Oh, I have Tourette's Syndrome. That's a vocal tic". He looked very surprised by this and my guess was that he was trying to contemplate if that sound could in fact come from a person. None the less he said "okay" after a second of thinking and went back to whatever he was doing and I just kept on ticcing. No one bothered me about it or drew any more attention to it after that. It's that easy when the school has been educated about Tourette's by Marc Elliot :) 

The room started to fill up with people shortly after that because school had let out. I was beginning to become more self-conscious about my tics because they were particularly loud, but had to stay put because Tie Dye Socks was going to meet me there so we could go back to my house together. I stayed there for about 5 minutes after the room started filling up, and even someone from my class who knows about my Tourette's was startled by the yelping and couldn't keep herself from looking over once or twice. Thank god Tie Dye Socks came to rescue me so I could leave.

We both walked out to the parking lot and I drove us back to my house. My tics almost immediately calmed down because I just feel so comfortable around  Tie Dye. We both greeted my poodle, played with her a bit, and talked. We started talking about my documentary, since I will be showing it to the entire grade on Tuesday! Turns out that she had yet to get a chance to really sit down and watch it and wanted to watch a part or two of it with me so she could comment and get my little annotations with it as well! We went out for ice cream with her mom, brother, and brother's friend and then came back to my house to watch some of the documentary. She was very impressed with it and liked it a lot! 

It really got us talking about Tourette's and made me open up about it even more with her. She is my best friend, the person who knows me the best, and the person I always feel comfortable around, tics and all. Whatever issue I am having, I usually go to her because she always makes me feel so much better about it. While we were watching it, she mentioned that a few years ago even before I was officially diagnosed (probably sophomore year), a girl in her advisory asked "Why does that Ruthie always sniffle so loudly when we're taking tests?!?". Tie Dye told me that she turned around in a very sassy way, and defended me. She doesn't remember exactly what she said, but she knows she said it in a very sassy, defensive way, lol! This was very interesting for me to hear because I never really have a way of knowing how much people noticed my tics before my official diagnosis. 

After we watched the documentary, Speed Racer came and picked us up. We went out to eat Arabic food and even though I ordered randomly off the menu, my meal turned out to be really good! I got these meat sausage looking things on top of pita bread with some salad on the side. I particularly liked the sauces, even though they were a bit garlicky. Tie Dye seemed to like the food too, but later that night said she could still taste all the garlic in her mouth! We talked about the environment, politics, school, sports, and so much more. We have odd conversations, lol.   

We then were off to see the musical! We got there a few minutes late, but it was fine and they still let us in. The musical was so good! It was hilarious and just incredibly well done. I could rant about all of my favorite parts for quite a while, but I will not go into that. I wasn't ticcing at all hardly during the play because I was so engaged and entertained. At one part though, my loud sniffling started acting up but no one seemed to be bothered by it. Speed Racer confused the sniffling for crying though and turned to me and whispered "are you crying?". Lol, I assured him that I was not crying and later told him it was just another tic. All in all, a very fun night! Had so much fun before the play with Tie Dye and during dinner and at the musical. I think I will have some of the songs stuck in my head for at least a couple of days! It was just so catchy :)      

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