Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's been going on in the Tourette's/OCD community this week? (Week of March 10th)

(March 3rd) Meet Tyler, a young boy with Tourette's 

(March 4th) An article about Jeff Koterba on Living with Tourette's:

(March 4th) Lena's "bad day" playlist d00d, a video about upbeat songs that help a teen living with Tourette's:

(March 4th) Emma says: Tic Update & Holding Tics In, Voice recording by a teen with Tourette's who is my awesome friend from Canada!: 

(March 4th) Pittman (American Idol Contestant with TS) speaks out against peer bullying:

(March 4th) Lubaroff, teacher and musician, doesn't let Tourette's define him:

Daniel Radcliffe - Radcliffe Suffers from OCD and Encourages OCD Patients To Seek Help: 

(March 6th) Pine Crest senior who is legally blind and hasTourette's to receive Spirit of Sport Award, Video:,0,4773340.story 

(March 7th) Oak Park Native Fighting Tourette’s Through Boxing, Video: 

(March 7th) Meet Megan Phan, A college student living with Tourette's: 

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