Friday, March 2, 2012

A Strange Dream about How my Tics are Actually Powers!

I had the absolutely strangest dream last night about Tourette's. There was a very powerful man who decided he was going to give me powers. He gave me a piece of gum to chew and if I chewed it I was supposed to get amazing powers. Well the gum didn't work, and I didn't end up with any powers. So two years later he tracked me down. I was with my friend and he demanded to know what powers the gum had given me. My friend and I both knew that if he knew I did not have any powers, he would surely kill me because I was not supposed to know about his powers without having powers myself. So I stumbled over my words and said "" and my friend shouted out "she makes noises! That's her power!". The man looked confused, and I asked him if he wanted to hear my noises, my "powers". He said he did, and per request I started demonstrating what my squeaking vocal tics sounded like. I was not quite sure where this dream was going, lol. Then the powerful man said "I know! It's a secret code that only ones with powers can understand!" and to try to save my life I said "yes! That's it". He then started telling me what I was saying and I told him that yes that was what my squeaks had meant. He seemed to be satisfied and did not kill me! Haha, that was a strange dream indeed. Kind of based off the movie "The Tic Code" if you guys have ever seen it. It was like those who had powers (Tourette's) could understand what I was saying (what it was like) and those who did not have powers (Tourette's) could not understand. But overall my tics were a power in the dream, and those of us with TS had powers that other people did not.

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