Saturday, March 31, 2012

#Shopping with Tourette's

Today I went out to lunch with my mom and afterwards we went shopping and bought some awesome new Capri pants in all these different bright colors. I bought teal (TS awareness!), blood orange, and white colors! And I got some very cute shirts as well.

While I was shopping, I was doing a lot of my sniffling tics and the lady who was helping us said to me "Oh are your allergies bad this time of year?". I've never actually had real allergies. When I was little I was brought to more allergists, ENT's, and doctors than I could count for my "sniffling problems" and at one point a doctor told my parents that I "might be allergic to dust mites", but I never really did have any allergies. In addition to my many allergy tests, I had a giant tube stuck down my nose to get a picture of my adenoids to see if that was the problem that was causing my sniffling, and I had a CT of my sinus passages as well. All the doctors could come up with was that "maybe" I was allergic to dust mites and "maybe" I had moderately enlarged adenoids.

I didn't feel like educating the lady who was helping me find a shirt for two minutes, so I just shook my head. She then said "Oh my allergies get really bad this time of year, and your just sniffling a lot so that's why I asked". And then my mom replied with "she sniffles a lot".

Well that's my Tourette's story for the day, lol. Not too exciting or eventful, but just a snip-it of my day.  #ShoppingwithTourette's!

Anyway, my uncle on my dad's side, his wife, and his kids come into town tomorrow night. His kids (my cousins) are pretty young and are only 6 and 8 years old. I've never actually met them and its kind of been an ongoing joke in my family that the kids are myths. I'm excited to finally get to meet them! My dad's side of the family is going to have a big dinner get together tomorrow night and I will also get to hang out with my cousins Kitty and Twitch as long as they can come! Hopefully both Kitty and Twitch will be there so we can hang out and catch up on stuff. I'll blog about it :).

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