Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's been going on in the Tourette's/OCD community this week? (Week of March 17th)

"(March 10) "Talking to your class about Tourette's", Video 

(March 10th) "How to Tell Someone You Have OCD, Without Embarrassing Yourself", Article:

(March 12th) "People make fun of me every day of my life. I’ve had enough.", Article about 26 year old man with Tourette's:

(March 12th) "Tourette and its co-morbid conditions: ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s" Article on NJCTS's TS Parents Online: 

(March 12th) "Leopard to make follow-up to BBC3 Tourettes series", Article:

(March 13th) "There are Definite Possibilities for people with Tourette Syndrome", Article by Logan Kurtz on NJCTS's Teens4TS blog:

(March 13th) "It's OK to have Tourette's Syndrome", Article:

(March 15th) "A short video about Tourette's syndrome, and my personal thoughts", Video: 

(March 15th) "A glimpse at life with Tourette syndrome", Article about a 12 year old with TS educating a class about her condition:

(March 15th) "PIAA BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS: Management skills at work", Article about Johannah Joseph, Tourette's, and bowling:

(March 17th) "Tourette's Syndrome Doesn't Stop N.Y. Co-Ed's Dreams", Article:

(March 17th) "Bowling for strikes, local high schooler battles Tourette's syndrome", Video and Article: 

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