Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today was a better day. I have one more exam tomorrow and then my first set of exams will be over. I'm feeling the pressure and stress leveling out as I finish preparing for this last exam. And so too do I feel my anxiety and emotions leveling out as well as my tics.

The first set of exams are rough. They come with heightened anxiety, heightened tics, and heightened emotions. Its rough to feel all of that at once on my shoulders. I'm finally feeling that i'm getting closer to letting out that sigh of relief. In reality though I know this is just the beginning of a very challenging year to come. Since it's my last year of college and i'm applying to greaduate school there are just so many things on my plate. Some of you may ask why I do this to myself if I know it will make my tics and anxiety so much worse. The answer to this question is because I am pursuing my passion and my dream and i'm not going to let my tics stop me from doing that.

This Saturday I get to volunteer at the brain tumor education and awareness event with some of my favorite little kiddos and that's whats going to get me though the rest of tonight and my exam tomorrow.

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