Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rough day

Today was my first real rough day with my tics of the school year. It's my third week of classes and I have two exams and a paper due next week, so I guess it was time. It's always rough though because it makes me feel so different. It makes me feel like my body is out of my control. I know there are people who deal with this feeling every day, and I feel lucky that I have mild days or mild weeks, but a day like this still hits me hard.

My day consisted of almost constant eye blinking and rolling to the point that most of the time I had to type without the use of my vision (luckily i've become pretty good at that), and was punctuated with many body jerks, squeals, barks, and grunts. It felt like I was in a body that wasn't my own, a body I couldn't control. It's so frustraiting having to do these things that I know look and sound pretty darn crazy and not being able to have the control to stop it.

I am hoping for a better day tomorrow, and am just continuing to tell  myself that i'm just fine. I have Tourette's, but Tourette's doesn't have me.

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