Thursday, September 3, 2015

Counting the Goods - Sept 4th

1. I spoke up in class today for the first time since classes started and shared my ideas not being fearful that I had said the wrong thing.

2.  I get to tic in all my classes and not worry. All my classes know I have TS (my professors are great this year and don't even bat an eye when I tic. Everyone in my classes has gotten pretty used to my vocal tics which tend to happen a lot in class since the classroom is always a trigger for me.

3.  I went to a new student group meeting that i'm excited to get involved with and it sounds like a great opportunity to meet new people

4.  A good friend is being very helpful with my new non-profit and is super excited to be involved. She's got tons of ideas for moving forward with it and fundraising. We're going to study together at her place Monday night which we did last Sunday night and was super fun. I felt welcome at her place.

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