Friday, September 11, 2015

The Aftermath of Tics

Today was a better day tic wise, but a much worse day pain wise. 
Because my tics were so bad and the feeling of tic-energy inside my body was so intense I had the sudden urge to run and jump and get all the energy out of my body. So in addition to ticcing like crazy all day and having tons of muscular tics, I decided I could not stand one more second of the way my body felt and that I just had to run and jump and get the energy out. So I decided to try an exercise tape from youtube. 
The only problem was that my body was so hyped up that I put everything I had into tiring my body out. I did the exercise in an incredibly intense and exhaustive way because I didn't care what kind of pain I felt later all I cared about was getting the energy out. So I did jumping jacks, push ups, kicks, running, squatting, leg lifting, etc for a solid 20 minutes or so giving each jumping jack or push up all the energy I had in my body, which was A LOT of energy. 
So today because of the sheer amount of tics I had in the past two days in combination with the intense and exhaustive work out I did, my muscles are incredibly sore and i'm in a pretty significant amount of pain. Putting on pants, moving from a sitting to a standing position or a standing to a sitting position, walking up and down stairs or just walking on a flat surface hurts like you would not imagine. In addition I have a coughing tic and each time I do that tic today I have doubled over and my abdomal muscles have screamed out in pain. 
I didn't know my body was capable of becoming this sore! All I can say is wow and that I really hope my muscles heal quickly because today was pretty miserable. My throat is also sore from the crazy number of vocal tics I've been having. Overall, I just felt sick all day. I skipped my first class this morning because of the pain (it's the first class i've missed so far) and slept in, but that didn't help much. At least my tics were better today! The aftermath is tough though.

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