Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marc Elliot Event Tonight and Future Speech for Medical Grad Students!

So today is a very action packed day in terms of Tourette's! Tonight is the TSA event with Marc Elliot which I have been excited about for a long time! Turns out that my cousin can come after all so that makes me even more excited about it. The President of our TSA chapter really wanted to show parts of my documentary at the event but it turns out the room we are meeting in doesn't have internet capabilities or a projector to project from a laptop. She still wants me to bring my laptop with the documentary files on it so we can set it out for people to watch, but  I don't know if that's really going to work at all because I have no idea how to set it on a loop. So the fact that I am excited for that is making me very ticcy today already.

In addition to that I have been sending out my documentary to my grandparents, college counselor, interviewers, collages, and my neurologist and the other Tourette experts I interviewed. I have received so much positive feedback about it and mostly everyone thinks it is well done and very emotionally touching. Another very exciting thing that has come out of this documentary is that I e-mailed it to my neurologist (who originally suggested people for me to interview for the documentary). He was too busy at the time to do an interview for it but he directed me to two awesome and very knowledgeable Tourette experts who were fantastic. After seeing the finished product, my neurologist e-mailed me to let me know that he thought it was outstanding and in addition he wants me to present it to a class of grad students that he teaches at the medical school (one of the top med schools in the country!). He also wants me to just talk to them about Tourette's and what its like to live with it. He thinks they can really benefit from my perspectives. Anyway as you can tell it was an action packed day as far as Tourette's goes! I am very honored that out of all of my neurologist's patients he chose me to ask to talk to his grad students and that he wants to show them my documentary. We may not have time to show the whole thing, but he says we can show parts of it. When I told my mom that my neurologist asked me to talk to his grad students during a class she started laughing! Like literally laughing! She just thought it was so funny that an 18 year old with Tourette's was going to talk to a room of 35 grad students at one of the most prestigious med schools in the country to teach them about Tourette's Syndrome! After she was done laughing and asking me if I was joking with her she told me how proud she was and told me that I should be very proud as well. My dad also thinks its totally awesome that my neurologist asked me to do this.

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