Thursday, February 16, 2012

How my weighted blanket has helped me for exam week!!!

So today I wanted to blog yet again about my amazing weighted blanket! Every year around exam time or any stressful time in my life really I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I will usually squirm, and thrash, and tic for hours before I am actually able to go to bed at these stressful times. So I was curious to see how my weighted blanket would effect my sleep for exams. I have been sleeping a lot better in general, although I do still tic in bed on a nightly basis, but not to the extent that it significantly interferes with my sleep to the extent that it used to. So when exams came up I curled under my weighted blanket like usual and ticced a bit as expected but to my surprize I fell asleep in less than 20 or 30 minutes. That's like a record for me on the night before an exam. While it usually takes me hours to fall asleep each night before an exam, with my weighted blanket I was able to actually fall asleep fairly quickly and with little fuss. And I didn't wake up once during the night on either night before exams. I am so thankful for my weighted blanket! Although I still do tic at night to some extent, it really has proved to be a great help at night and has increased the number of hours of sleep I get. I feel more awake during the day and the blanket is just so comfy its really unbelievable. I've slept with it every single night since it's come in the mail and the one night I put it at the end of my bed and tried to sleep without it, I woke up in the morning underneath it like usual anyway without even remembering how it happened.

The other thing I wanted to blog about today was something new I am going to try. A while back over winter break I did a daily links kind of thing but when school started up again it was just to much to keep up with. So i've decided to start a weekly "What's been going on in the Tourette's/OCD community this week?" post which I will  try to put up at the end of every week!

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