Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exam week stress sure does take it's toll

Well I know I haven't blogged since Saturday but I think I have a legitimate excuse (although I probably don't need legitimate excuses for not writing on my own blog, lol!) . This week is exam week because my school is on the trimester system and it's the end of the trimester. I absolutely hate exams. Hate, hate, hate them....with a burning passion! The stress really gets to me, and always has. Since Friday i've been studying a lot but I always feel like I haven't studied enough which is probably the case this year since I have some senioritus. I just did not feel like studying my guts out this time around, but the stress still gets to me.

The stress of exams means new tics, more tics, and more obsessions. My mouth opening and stretching tic has been going crazy and i've been dealing with a fairly unpleasant tic that is pretty unusual for me since Friday. Most of my vocal tics are either sniffing, coughing, throat clearing, or high pitched noises so it's fairly different for me to be ticcing a more average voice pitched "wa" or "wu" sound now pretty regularly.

On Friday when it started it was awful! I started doing it in physics class, had to leave the room many times, and kept doing it for the rest of the afternoon. Even Steam Punk was a little thrown by the new tic. Anyway maybe it won't last long, but it seems to have held out for at least 5 days now.

I took two exams today in the learning specialists office. I've taken many exams in her office before but sometimes I don't feel the need to and I just take my exams in my advisory. This time around though with the new vocal tic and with my tics being as bad as they are right now I figured I should take my exams in her office. There was another student taking exams in her office, and my best guess is that the learning specialist told the student about my tics because she didn't even turn around or make any comments. On the other hand though she is a pretty skittish looking freshman and I am a senior who obviously has a reason to be taking her exams in the learning specialist's office, so I doubt she would even make a comment if she didn't know.

Overall not sure how the exams went just yet. I hope I did well, but I just have to wait and see. I had my Calc exam and history exam today and tomorrow I have my AP French trimester exam. I was so exhausted after the exams and felt like I was just going to collapse! My mom and I went out to get a cheese platter to celebrate which I really enjoyed. I'm feeling a little more awake now because I had a diet coke.

These exams are a lot of work but I get to look forward to my 5 day weekend this weekend! Yay! Who doesn't love 5 day weekends?!? Then after my 5 day weekend I am going to be super busy with starting a new trimester, presenting my documentary to a class of middle school students with Aspergers syndrome,  and presenting my documentary to a class of my Neurologist's graduate students as well as answering questions/ talking about what it's like to have Tourette's. A busy but fun week ahead!

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