Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Odd hand posturing, biting fingers, and sensory processing disorder at 5 years old

Another home video! This was the video of my kindergarten play! I think I was about 5 in the video. In the beginning of the video, you will notice that I have some strange arm hand posturing. I am holding my arms and hands curled up against my body in a stiff position. I am not sure exactly why I was doing this. Sensory processing disorder? Anxiety? Trying to hold back tics? Any ideas about that one?

Also throughout the video I have my hands up at my mouth and am biting my hands and fingers. This is a complex motor tic.

At the end of the video you also see my sensory processing disorder come into play. I did not like the clapping because of auditory processing sensitivity with is a part of sensory processing disorder so you can see that I put my hands up against my ears to cover them

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  1. I think the hand position might be a dystonic tic - I have these where I sort of curl and contort my arms and hands. It could also be a sensory thing about not really knowing where your arms are in space, and as a bit of a defensive gesture.