Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 days until camp twitch and shout!

My anxiety about camp twitch and shout seems to be up and down. Yesterday and the day before I was anxious about camp and today I am just excited and want to be there NOW! Hopefully my anxiety will stay down and I will just continue to remain very excited. I just have to keep in mind to stay in the moment and not worry about the "what if's" that always seem to pop into my mind about just about everything! I think packing helped because I feel more ready to go and more organized! 3 more days! And Friday my friend will be coming over so that will help me stay busy! We'll go out to lunch and do some shopping. Then I will have dinner with my grandpa. Staying busy seems to help keep my mind occupied and off of any worries and/or anxiety.

I also found my camera which I was worried I was not going to find! I was so glad when I found it and then I spent a bit clearing the chip so that I have enough room to take pictures and video of camp on it. I also packed two back up camera chips just in case. 

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