Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Shawnna! Shawnna's Bio for the Documentary!

Meet Shawnna! She and many others will be featured in our upcoming Tourette's documentary!

"I'm Shawnna Rhey Moses & I'm From Boston MA.

I've had TS since I was around 5 years old & My Tics are Cracking every single bone In my body every second Its extremly Painful & Somedays I can't walk or move, My other Tics are , Blinking at lights for a long period of time & Noises with my throat & Deep bre

aths out of my mouth & Nose , Making a noise with my tongue &+ Making a noise after I drink something..

The hardest part about living with TS for Me Is, Accepting It may never go away or get any better & The Pain I go through from my Tics.. It makes everything I do feel like Its Impossible & It gives Me a lot of Anxiety , Stress & Sometimes Depression.

I love to be outside, I love Animals , I love doing anything with My Husband , I love Acting , Writing , Reading, Fashion, Art, Working with Kids & Music &+ I love Disney Movies..

I believe People should know how hard It Is & That Its different for everyone & Just what People really go through & How Painful It Is, I believe there should be more Knowledge In general & More Support!"

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