Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Juliet! Juliet's Bio for the Documentary!

Meet Juliet! She and many others will be featured in our upcoming Tourette's documentary.

"I’m the lovely, beautiful and always bursting with fruit flavor, Juliet Michelle. And I live in Bethlehem, PA and... if you must know... I am 26

I started to have tics about 7 or 8 years 19 years. Some of my tics are full body jerks, facial grimacing, blinking, scratching, head shaking, throat cl
earing, sniffling, hiccuping, ear popping, ear scratching, shoulder jerking, arm/hand shaking... Echoing things I say... Echoing things other people say such as shrieking, whistling, chirping, bleeking, and hissing. Teeth chattering, full body shuddering and spinning are just a few. IF my body can do it... i probably tic there

The hardest part for me is having full blown, full body tics that look like seizures... or being triggered by something stupid like a screaming kid... or a whistle...

I’m a very talented wedding cake decorator, when the tics don’t get in the way... um... I love to play piano and im good at that too...Ive had lessons since I was 5...and I love having pets like my big oscar fish! Oh, and I'm very smart. I've got my Masters degree in the history of religon... and plan on going straight for my PH.D.

People should know that Tourette's is not the pretty little disorder that National and most doctors explain away. It's so much more than just throat clearing and eye blinking... and I'm not saying that to say that people with those tics are less important. they are very important and their expiriences are valuable for all of us to learn from...But, I come from the point of view of a TS patient who is severe, and that is how I speak.
It’s not as simple as “oh, you’ll age out of it” or… “it remits when you get into adulthood”. This can be a severe, lifelong problem for many people… and we get forgotten about. BUT, BUT BUT BUT… that doesn’t mean we’re any less capable. Talented… or anything else. It just means that we’re STRONGER, Strive HARDER, work SMARTER, and have learned to be much more adaptable to difficult situations because we have to work against something bigger than us on the inside. We’re resourceful, diligent and often times frustrated because we know we can do more but our bodies wont let us… but even with that. We don’t give up."

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