Thursday, August 13, 2015

Telling my Professors about Tourette's- Senior Year

What a wonderful email I received today! I've been having a lot of really rough tics as it's that time of year that tics really act up for me, so there could not have been a better day to get this email as I am feeling quite overwhelmed and upset at the moment with the amount of tics i'm having. 
Every semester I send out an email to my professors to ask them if there's a good time we could meet before classes start so I can tell them about my Tourette's and also  I discuss when might be a good time for me to talk to the class about my tics. 
This semester i'm taking a course called images of disability in film and literature and in response to the email I sent to the teacher of this course, I got this in return: 
"Thanks for contacting me. I’d love to meet with you. I have some familiarity with Tourette Syndrome and welcome the opportunity to find out more from you and discuss accommodations. If you choose to disclose in the class, it would be a great learning opportunity for everyone. If you choose to maintain privacy, that is entirely fine too. I’m sure you know what works best and is most comfortable for you.
My office is on the medical campus You could come here, but that’s an extra trip for you. Since I live near campus, it’s very easy for me to come there – or meet somewhere near campus.
I am waiting to hear about committee meetings next Monday or Tuesday, so I’m reluctant to set an appointment with you just yet. Could I contact you tomorrow? Meanwhile, could you let me know where you’d like to meet?
See you soon" 
Such an amazing thing to get an email like this especially when I'm feeling vulnerable. It makes me feel like instead of being a nuisance or annoying, I am adding something valuable to the class.

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