Monday, August 3, 2015

Rock Walls and Highways

Positive note of the day:

Today I went rock climbing with my friend who just moved into my neighborhood and her friend who is going to be a freshman at my college in the fall. I was hesitant at first because I'm not super athletic and haven't been rock climbing since I was little. I had no idea I would have such a great time. The first few times I went up, I didn't go up very far and was pretty scared. The rock climbing facility we went to has a self belay system which means there's no one holding the rope. The rope is secure and will catch you, but it doesn't help pull you up and you can't lean back on it. If you slip or decide to fall back, you'll fall about a half a foot before it catches you, so when you're climbing it's all you and all upper body strength.

I kept at it though, and each time I got a little further up and also got a little more confident. By the end, I made it almost all the way up to the top, to the same point that my friend who rock climbs all the time got up to. It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, and I got up a lot higher than I thought I could. In the beginning I was convinced I would never make it up even half way, and by the end I did way more than I thought I would have been able to do. I even bouldered pretty high up (which is where you climb the wall without the rope). It was fun watching my friends climb and then also talking with them in between climbs. I watched a little girl climb who looked like she was having the time of her life! She was so good at climbing too and I could tell it was something she really enjoys and something that gives her a lot of confidence. I finally understand why they want all the kids to at least try to rock wall at camp! It really is such a confidence boost.

After I did the rock climbing, I felt confident enough to practice driving on the highway. I drove all the way on the highway to my dentist appointment and even though I was anxious I told myself it would be just like the rock wall. The first couple of times I would be anxious, but each time I would do a little more and feel a little more confident, and eventually I would be driving on highways with no worries at all.

Also last night I went to a pool party with a bunch of my sorority sisters. We swam, hung out, shopped, and had dinner. We're all getting together again on Friday to go to a concert at the zoo. Looking forward to Friday and I'm sure it'll be a great time. I'm so glad I ended up going to the pool party. It was a great time.

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