Monday, January 9, 2012

Marc Elliot Event for TSA Chapter

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I can't believe the last time was last Thursday. Ive been sooooo crazy busy with homework and college scholarships ive had to fill out. Anyway I wanted to share a little moment here. Last night the chair of my state's tsa chapter (who I know very well) e-mailed me to tell me that Marc Elliot would be doing an event for the chapter and she wanted to let me know this as well as the date asap because she really wanted me to meet him! Of course I have already met him briefly when he came to my school to speak, but I am so excited to get a change to meet him again. This time less rushed hopefully. The part of the e-mail that just made my day though was the part where she said that I really reminded her of Marc when he was my age. This made me smile. Marc is such a success. He graduated from one of the colleges i'm applying too, and now is a national speaker about TS and teaching tolerance and is just about to publish a book. Anyway the event is in early Febuary and I cant wait!!! Also still waiting on my weighted blanket. Boy this is taking way to long for it to come in the mail. :(

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