Monday, October 31, 2011

Second Day of the Regatta

The second day of the Regatta was the day of the actual races. We got up at 6:45, ate a quick breakfast, then headed down to the race site on the bus. When we got there, the tent and tarps and tables were already set up thank goodness! I sat down in my crazy creek chair and immediately noticed that I forgot my warm ski socks back at the hotel! Luckily my mom had come along to watch me and my brother at the Regatta so I started calling her and texting her immediately! She got the text just in time before my first race, but in the mean time I wrapped my extra sweat pants around my feet which worked surprisingly well! It was absolutely freezing and I was bundled up with long sleeves, long spandex pants, a sweat shirt, a heavy down coat, sweat pants, a hat, and gloves. My mom got to the site with my socks and toe warmers about 20 minutes before my race and my feet warmed up really fast! I then got the boat out on the water, coxed two 5k's, one of which was the race and got back with enough time to eat some lunch and use the restroom before my next race. The next race was in a four person boat. My first 8 person boat that I had just finished coxing had given me bruises on my back from sitting in the cox seat for so long! Then when I got in the 4 person boat I decided it was warm enough to leave my coat and gloves behind. WRONG DECISION! Yes, it was fairly warm at this point but I did not account for the fact that I would be splashed by the person in two seat with her oar for the entire race! At the end of the race I was freezing cold and soaking wet! I also had a bruise on my back from the eight person boat, a bruise on my head from the head rest in the 4 person boat, a bruised and swollen knee from steering the 4 person boat, and a bruise on my jaw from earlier when I had smacked myself in the face identically due to an arm tic. Overall I was freezing cold and in pain and not very happy because my first boat and come in last and my second boat had come in 6th. But the good thing was that I had been so focused on coxing the entire time that I didn't actually tic that much during the day. My OCD however, did interfear with the trip in SO many ways. I don't really want to go into that right now though. If anyone out there however does want to hear more about how my OCD effects me, comment on one of my posts and I'll try to make some posts about OCD. Usually though it's something that I don't talk about much because I find it to be very embarrassing. All in all I was glad when the Regatta was over, but I was also proud of myself that I had actually done it and that I got through the Regatta alright! I am now home and even though it may have been my last Regatta, I am still glad that I could go and get something out of it.

My boat:

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