Sunday, October 23, 2011

My tics let me sleep in :)

This morning I was able to stay in bed until 10:00 which is a huge accomplishment for me. Usually my tics wake me up on weekends VERY early. Most days my tics have no intention of letting me go back to bed past 8:00ish,  but this morning they left me alone :) I feel very well rested today! I've also been having less trouble with tics at night when trying to fall asleep lately which I have really appreciated! Over the summer when I went to my writing program it took me hours to fall asleep due to tics. My roommate would joke with me saying "You should probably start at this trying to sleep thing early tonight" if she noticed my tics had been bad during the day. On numerous occasions I would wake hitting my arms against the railings of the loft bed which caused large bruises quite a few times. Hopefully my bed will be ON THE GROUND and not have railings in college. That would be much appreciated.
After I got up (at 10:00!) and walked down stairs my mom started telling me about a party she went to last night. She told me she ran into a kid from my class who was serving food at the party to earn some money and his dad. She told me that his dad is a heart surgeon and has Tourettes. Although she had not confirmed this with him for sure she said "it was quite obvious" and added "But! He's a heart surgeon!". My mom cracks me up sometimes because she seems to run into so many adults who seem to have tics. I think she's just more aware of it because she has me as a daughter. Also, I'm getting excited for my TSA meeting on Tuesday night! I'll be helping out with the lego club while the parents are listening to a neurologist speak about TS.Last time I went to one I played with the kids with TS who are in the lego club and after about an hour of playing a little boy 5 year old boy turned to me and said "This was the best day ever! I'm going to tell all my friends!" :)

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