Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trying out Clonidine for my Tics!

So my Neurologist appointment today went really well! Everyone was so nice. I felt very much taken care of and like everyone was really paying attention to my questions, concerns, etc. The first neurologist who was studying with my main neurologist came in first with a medical student. She was so kind and warm. She was also genuinely curious and interested in me as a patient. She asked me questions, listened to me, and took the opportunity to learn more about Tourette's. She wanted to hear all about what my tics are, and asked me lots of questions like what my tics are, what they are triggered by, if they ever hurt me or cause soreness, etc. She was so nice about it, telling the med student when it was time for me to list my tics "This is the most interesting part of the interview because talking about it brings all the tics out, so feel free to tic away" like it was the most normal thing in the world! I did end up ticcing quite a fair amount in the office but she made me feel so comfortable about it that it was no big deal.

Then when she had to do the neurological exam part she said she would have to look in my eyes but not to worry about blinking. So when I did my blinking tic while she was looking in my eyes she nodded her head and kindly waited and then looked at my eyes again with her flashlight.

Then my main neurologist came in with his nurse as well. So there were 4 medical professionals standing around me. It made me feel a bit overwhelmed but also like they all cared about me as a patient enough to be there.

So my neurologist listened to how I was particularly having trouble sleeping and suggested that instead of the clonodine patch that I try the pill form. He told me there really wasn't much of a difference between the patch and the pill (they are the same medication) and that the pill would actually probably help me more because it's effects would be stronger and if I took it at night before I went to bed it would make me tired which would help me sleep. So since he is the doctor and I trust him, I went with the Clonodine pill form. So now I am on Clonodine. Wow, I never thought I would ever say that.

I in fact just took my first pill! I am supposed to talk half of a pill for a week and then switch to taking the full pill. I take it 30 minutes before bed time so that it will make me tired and help me sleep but my neurologist says the sleepiness should ware off during the day time when I wake up.

I will continue to keep you guys updated on my medication situation. How many of you guys have been on Clonodine? Did it help with your tics? I know it is helping my cousin a lot!


  1. I take clonazepam along with "tic tamer". I researched clonidine, and it's my understanding that it drops your blood pressure. That being said, I felt it may be perfect for someone who has Tourette's and high bp, but I'm no doc. What are your thoughts and how is your blood pressure?

  2. I believe you are right that clonodine was originally made to be a blood pressure medication, but I know my doctor would not put me on a medication that would put me at risk in terms of my blood pressure. My blood pressure is neither high nor low, it is normal. I am just taking to treat tics not blood pressure. Ask your doctor about it if you are curious.