Thursday, August 15, 2013

One of My Amazing Campers from Camp Twitch and Shout!

This is one of my amazing campers! She's all grown up now since the video was from 5 years ago, the first year of camp twitch and shout! 5 years on the camp is still going strong and this girl and many of the original campers and counselors from the first year still go to the camp every year! I can't believe how grown up this girl is but she is still as adorable as she was in the video! It's so funny because i've probably watched camp twitch and shout the movie (the video this little clip is from) 5 or 6 times and I would go back and watch this part because I thought she was so cute! So funny that she ended up being my camper and she loved it when I told her the story of how I would go back to the video just to watch her parts in it. We had many good times together at camp and I was always the one who would take her and her friend to get tea at night before bed to help them sleep. She is a sweetie and I miss her and my other campers and co-counselors so much! Can't wait to see them all again next year 

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