Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moment #2: Amazing Nurses at Camp, an OCD moment

So when I was at camp twitch and shout, I wrote a list of "camp moments" on my phone so that I would remember stories from camp that I wanted to write out on my blog. I haven't written out a lot of these moments yet because I've been waiting until I felt like I wanted to write them out. For a while there writing these moments out would probably have made me cry because I missed camp so much! I still miss camp SO MUCH but I think now writing out these moments won't make me cry anymore but will make me remember the amazing times I had at camp. I am going to write another one out on this post.

Moment #2: Amazing Nurses at Camp, an OCD moment

This is another amazing camp moment that made me smile. As counselors, we weren't supposed to keep any medication in our cabin and this included Advil. I don't get headaches a lot, but I sometimes get stress headaches or I sometimes get headaches when I am doing a lot of head tics. So on about the second day I got a headache and went to the med lodge to get some Advil.

At the med lodge I told one of the nurses that I had a headache and asked for some Advil. My OCD right now is mainly focused on germs so I have a problem with anyone touching anything that I am going to eat or swallow. But before I had the chance to tell the nurse this, she touched my Advil and held it out for me to take. I of course didn't take it from her and explained to her about my OCD. I told her that because of my OCD I have a problem with people touching my medications. I expected her to give me a strange face or think I was crazy because that's what would happen in the real world if I were to tell someone about this. Instead, she gave me a warm smile, told me not to worry about it at all, understood what I was talking about pretty much 100%, and told me she was going to throw out the Advil that she had touched and get me new ones. I was so amazed by this.

She didn't even hesitate at all and didn't give me a strange look even for a second. Most of the nurses at camp have kids with Tourette's and OCD so they just understand so well. She poured me two more Advil into a cup without touching it and I thanked her of course and let her know how much I appreciated it! She then told me to remind her the next time I needed any meds to make sure she didn't touch it again.

The next time I saw the nurse and needed more Advil she remembered me and was great about it yet again! She even told me that after I told her about my OCD with the medicine she had been asking other campers if it was okay for her to touch their meds to make sure for the other campers and counselors as well. This made me so happy and made me appreciate where I was even more. What an amazing nurse and person! This kind of thing just doesn't happen in the real world :)

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