Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Friend Close to Home for Summer!

Hi everyone! I am so excited because I just found out that one of my friends that I made this year in a class at college lives only 30 minutes away from me! I didn't know this before and i'm so excited because she told me this today and we are going to make plans to hang out this summer! 

I have never told her that I have TS really but she sat next to me all semester in class and I tic a lot in class! Even though I was ticcing a lot during pretty much every class she kept making it a point to sit next to me every day and started talking to me one day. The first time she talked to me I thought she was talking to someone else because most of the people in my classes who sit near me in class don't know much about me besides that I'm the weird girl who keeps spazzing out in class and can't stop moving. So the first time she said Hi to me and tried talking to me I pretty much ignored her because I thought she was talking to someone else lol! Then she kept persisting and I realized she was talking to me and I responded and started talking to her as well.

Over the course of the semester we became friends. We talked every day in class, walked out of class together, and even met for dinner. She has never asked me why I keep moving and making noises in class and yet treats it like it's normal. I think the reason for this may be that she either has had a friend of family member with TS or another similar problem. I think she knows that I have TS or if she doesn't specifically know this then she just assumes I have some sort of condition and does not have to know exactly what it is to accept me.

She is pretty amazing all in all and I can't wait to hang out with her this summer! I probably at some point will mention to her that I have TS just to let her know that I am not shy about talking about it and that I am okay if she asks me questions or anything like that 

Let's see. I guess I have to pick a nickname for her for this blog. hmmmm.... I think I will call her Ivy. Because she's super smart and Ivy is associated with knowledge :) 

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