Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A great start to 2nd semester!

Yet another fantastic start to the semester! Today was my second day of classes for the spring semester of my Junior year. For this semester, I've decided to explain my Tourette's to my professors or classmates for my smaller classes only since my tics have been starting to become less noticeable and i've been having less vocal tics thanks to CBIT and medication. I talked with one professor about my Tourette's today and will talk to two professors and two classes about my Tourette's by the end of the week.

All together i'm talking to two of my smaller classes about my Tourette's, and three professors. That means that this semester two of my professors will not explicitly know about my Tourette's since the class size is larger 70 students. They may still notice my motor tics if they happen to look my way, but hopefully since the class is so large my tics will fly under the radar. We'll see.

The professor that I talked to today was kind and understanding, like always. I've been explaining my TS to my professors since Freshman year and I have never had any problems and have never experienced anything except for compassion and understanding from them. The professor that I talked with today told me to make sure to take care of myself during the semester and do whatever I need to to make the semester a successful one. I appreciated his kind words.

I am also loving being back on campus with my friends. I missed them over break and am really enjoying spending time with them now that we're all back on campus. So many people to get dinner and catch up with! This week is crazy busy between my new courses, catching up with friends, and my research. Off to study with two of my friends now, so I will update later. Hope everyone else is adjusting well and getting back into the swing of things after the holiday break as well.

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