Sunday, June 8, 2014

Overoptimism About My Tics

As one of my camp friends pointed out to me recently, I tend to be overly optimistic about certain situations and how my tics will come into play. Sometimes I just want to ignore my TS when it comes to certain situations and just hope that my TS won't be a problem.

For example, when I was in high school I decided that I didn't need to tell my the teacher for an SAT class about my TS because the class was only a week long. Not the best decision. On the very first day the teacher called me out in front of the entire class and said "Hey you! Girl in the pink shirt making all the movements. Do you have a question???" I really didn't appreciate being called out like that because of my tics, so now I just tell every teacher/professor about my TS before classes no matter what the classroom situation to avoid any future situations like that.

Another example of my overoptimism was my freshman year of college. I started off the year with extra time and small group setting for testing. Even though I took my exams in a private room in high school because of my tics, I thought that maybe college would be different and that my tics wouldn't act up during exams. Also not the best decision. My tics acted up during exams like always, and the other student in the testing room asked me to stop multiple times and when I told her I couldn't, she decided to leave the room and request another testing room for the remainder of the exam. This was not the kindest way to handle the situation on her part, but I got over it. Anyway, after that I decided to request the private testing room for the rest of my exams that year and for all exams in the future.

The other day I had yet another moment of overoptimism. Not quite as dramatic as the first two though. Even though I am highly aware of the fact that I currently have a tic where I smack myself in the chest, I decided to wear a necklace for going out with some friends. The necklace hung right around the area that I usually hit myself, but I thought that maybe tonight the tic wouldn't act up. I really need to stop doing this, lol. Once again the situation did not have a great outcome. I ended up hitting myself repetitively in the chest like always and before I could manage to take the necklace off, I hit the necklace once more very forcefully and it broke. The necklace fell to the floor and the little charms were scattered on the sidewalk. I picked most of them up, but some I couldn't find. I guess i'll be taking a break from wearing necklaces for a little while.

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