Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tic Log 12/4/13

12/4/13: Three classes today. Day before Developmental Psyc exam which is stressful because I have to do most of my studying today and tomorrow morning as I feel that I have not studied nearly enough.

Night before: Took Clonidine around 11:00, feel asleep easily about 15-30 min

Morning: Rough morning. Woke up at 6:00ish and didn't fall back to sleep until 8:00ish. When I was trying to fall back asleep during this period my legs were ticcing a lot and wouln't stop moving. feet rubbing together and against bed and blanket. Neck squeezing (which I really haven't had before very much) which resulted in the right side of my neck being sore later on when I woke up, some squeaking vocal tics, and I had my scratching tics where I scratch all over my body. In also had a scratching tic where I scratch/ dig my thumb nail into my pointer finger on my right hand. It caused both a blister and red scraped on the side of my pointer finger. Finally I ave up at going back to sleep and went on my computer for about 30 minutes and then after that I was able to go back to sleep until about 10:00am. (Bad tics)

This is what my finger looked like in the morning when I woke up at 10am:

Some head and eye tics in archaeology class (mild tics)

Afternoon: Mild eye tics and head tics

Evening: In my evening class my tics got really bad. I had a lot of really hard head shaking tics and I also was having full body tics, punching tics (when I punch my chest, my arm, and my leg),  and lots of facial tics. Every time I do facial tics today that involve muscles in my neck it hurts my neck since my neck is sore from my neck squeezing tics I had early this morning. My tics calmed down after class, but now i'm still having some vocal tics (wheezing, coughing, and squeeking). Also I ripped open my blister on my finer now....I put a band-aid on it which is helping it feel better for now though.(Bad tics).

Later in the evening I had more squeaking vocal tics, and tics where I hit things (in this case the couch and the wall) with a closed fist. (Moderate to Bad tics).

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