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Developmental Psychology- My Development Thanks to the Help of my Baby Book

Developmental Psychology- The Baby Logs of A Now 20 Year Old with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Tourette's Syndrome, OCD, and Sensory Processing Disorder):

 All of the information I am about to give was documented in my baby book and is taken from memory (which can be fallible) or from stories. All of this information was written and documented. Everything in parentheses is my own commentary. Parts that are boded and highlighted are parts that may be slightly abnormal or may relate to Tourette's, OCD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, etc.   

My mother's pregnancy: good-no problems- uneventful pregnancy.

Weight: 6lbs 7oz
Length: 20 Inches
Color of eyes: Blue/grey
Color of hair: Brown
Distinguishing characteristics: beautiful baby

First days: 
How mom first felt when she held you: She loved holding you and did not want to put you down and you screamed when we put you down. I think we held you the entire 1st month.

Dad's comments: He thought you did not get your mom's disposition. (When I asked my mom what this meant she said "It was because you were screaming all the time. You didn't sleep. You were a difficult baby"

Doctor's comments:

Sleep: Recommended further look for sleep problems. Still waking 1 or 2 times at night at 6 months.  (my own research found that At 6-9 months most babies now sleep for nine or ten hours at night, it means –  a sign that the baby is good sleeper. But if the baby isn't yet sleeping at least five or six hours straight, it isn't uncommon and is not abnormal. Many babies still wake up at night for feedings in the 6- to 9-month stage) 

General doctors comments: At 9 mos Dr thinks she will walk at 10 mos. He thinks she will be thin! He was impressed when she waved bye to him. At 1 year thinks development is very good!  


Dust mites- 5 1/2 years old. Found out not allergic ti dust mites at 10 years old. (The reason they took me to get tested for allergies at ages 5-10 was because I was sniffling so much, I now think that the sniffling was most likely a tic. Sniffing has been one of my main tics for a very long time although I'm not sure how far back it goes. I know for sure it was a tic at 16 but before that it is really just speculation. This seems to suggest the sniffing tic may have started at 5 1/2 years old.) 

Developmental milestones: 

Sleeps through the night: By around 6 months old consistently 
Smiles: Began to smile more at 6 to 7 weeks (my research- on time, normal development) 
Turns over: Did this two times by 4 months (normal) 
Crawls: Started at 6 1/2 mos, 7 1/2 months really crawled (advanced. started crawling before most babies. Most babies crawl at 9 mos) 
Sits unsupported: Very well by 6/2 mos (normal, most babies sit unsupported by 6 mos) 
Stands up alone: Pulls to stand alone by 7 1/2 mos. At 10 mos, rises to a stand without pulling up. (advanced, started standing alone before most babies. Most babies stand with help at 8 mos) 
Walks: 1 year old (normal) 
Holds a cup: Does well by 9 mos, sippy cup. Will not drink milk from a cup. Tried at 1 year. ( I was very particular about drinking my milk from a bottle. This may be slightly different than most children, saything that this might be the rigidity of OCD or sensory processing disorder may be a stretch, but I don't know)  
Says a word: Said Dada at 7 1/2 mos. We think she says duck at 9 months + keys, shoes, and dog at 10 mos (normal) 
Speaks a sentence: Makes two word combos at 17 1/2 mos. At 19 1/2 mos says "mommy daddy work" +
"tractor man are you?" (where are you?). At 21 1/2 mos says "I like that one". (normal) ( advanced 2 word sentences usually happen at 24 mos) 

At ten and a half months, you play patty cake, show where your ear is and pants when asked what a dog says. (normal if not advanced!) 

First Haircut: 

You did not want to sit in the booster. You sat in my lap. You were afraid of the cape so they had to take it off (sensory issue?? maybe??). After all of that you were happy and stopped crying. You smiled at yourself in the mirror when they cut your hair. 


Fascinated with tops of containers and tags of toys. Loves to look through plastic blow up toy. (Not sure if this fascination is normal? I was also fascinated with dogs) 

Conclusion: I may have had some quirks due to sensory issues and tics too, but overall I was a very normally developing child and in some areas I was advanced such as in the area of language. 

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