Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy Weekend!

Busy busy weekend for me!! This weekend is parents weekend at my university so my parents will be on campus tonight for a special parents Shabbat dinner. Then tomorrow I get to hang out with other awesome ticcers like me at a teen/young adult TSA event! Then that night I am going to game 3 of the world series with my grandparents and younger cousins who are in town for the word series from New York. Then on Sunday I'm having brunch with my grandma and my cousin who is my age and also has TS, and then I have a business formal sorority event that night. And on top of all this I have an essay due Monday! Yikes! Lots to do this weekend. Hope I can do it all :) 

On another note, my tics have calmed down a bit from a few days ago when I posted about my hitting tics. Thank goodness for that! I will need to save all the energy I can so that I can use it productively this weekend :) 

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