Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beware of the Itch-Scratch Cycle

Okay time for an update. Basically my huge increase in tics and inability to sleep at night was caused by the scratch-itch cycle. Be careful if you are itchy, have dry skin, or have sensitive skin, or sensory hypersensitivity not to scratch excessively!!!! You will regret it so much!!!!

The basics: I have very sensitive skin because of my sensory hypersensitivity so when I was exposed to some irritant I started scratching and scratching and didn't stop for about three days. The result= swollen nerve endings, overproduction of histamines,  and horrible horrible itching everywhere. At least that's what the Student health services people told me is going on. So they put me on 5 different types of anti-histamines all of which make me tired. So i'm pretty drugged right now, but the good news is that the medicine helps! When i'm on it, I get a reduction in the itchiness feeling by about 80-90% and then when it wares off I feel it again and take more meds.

Also the good news is that I slept pretty much all through the night last night! It was pretty great considering I hadn't slept hardly at all this week. After a long time without a good night's sleep, I really needed that. So for now i'm on the antihistamines until the itching stops. I've been on them now for almost two days and the itching continues whenever the meds wear off. I am hoping the itching will stop soon so I can get off these meds. They make me really tired and make parts of my body ache.

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