Monday, June 17, 2013

The Perfect Shoes for the Camp Twitch and Shout Dance!

For the camp twitch and shout dance, most of the counselors are going to dress up as Disney princesses since the theme this year is Disney. I am going to dress up as Snow White. So yesterday I went to the mall in search for some of my costume. I'm not going to buy a full Snow White costume online or anything but instead I figured I would put together my own. All I really need is a yellow skirt, a blue shirt, and a red bow. 

First I went into the Disney store, but unfortunately they didn't have much for my snow white costume. They had a snow white themed headband, but it wasn't a bow. It was more of a red feathery headband that didn't look much like something snow white would wear. So I didn't get that. 

Then I went over to the shoe department and found lots of shoes on sale! I figured since they were on sale I would look and see if I could find anything. Sure enough I found the perfect shoes for my snow white costume and they were super cheep because they were on sale! So I bought them and I now have the first piece of my snow white outfit! Tell me these are not the perfect snow white shoes! 

So now I just have to get the rest of the outfit! I'm going to costco today with my mom to buy a new TV so maybe they will have a red bow there or something else I could make a part of my costume :) 

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