Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Brother and the Sleep Doctor

My younger brother has been having trouble sleeping at night for a long time and he finally had an appointment at a sleep clinic. The doctor thinks he might have restless leg syndrome because of all the leg bouncing he always does and was doing in the office. He thinks that nothing is wrong with him of course because he wants to be a 100% normal teenager. He has to go do a sleep study and spend the night in the hospital next Thursday.

I'm worried here about two main things. First I am worried that he might have Tourette's like I do. I have seen him do lots of different things that seem like tics throughout the years but on the other hand maybe I am just looking for something that isn't there because I have TS and am always tuned in to what other people are doing with their bodies because of that. I hope that he does not have TS because I wouldn't wish TS on anyone, especially my brother. The good thing is that if he does have it though, he has a fairly mild case.

I'm also worried that he might have TS but that the doctors at the sleep clinic will not know much about TS and will diagnose him with restless leg syndrome when he actually does not have it. Then he will end up on medication for restless leg syndrome that won't help him sleep and will still be undiagnosed, whatever he may have that has been making sleep difficult for him.

The good thing is that he will know on Thursday what the doctors think after observing him sleep during the study. Doctors however are not always right as I have so closely experienced and observed.

Wish him luck with the appointment. Hopefully he is right and the trouble sleeping is just a normal teenager thing.

One thing he said to me though when I asked him about if he felt like his legs were restless was that sometimes when he is sleeping he feels really restless all over his body and feels like just exploding. I asked him if he feels this any other time besides when he is in bed trying to sleep and he said no. Not sure what this means. Anyone want to weigh in here and tell me what you think he might have or if this might just be normal for a teenage boy?

Also, he has been dependent on large doses of melatonin to sleep at all for at lest a year or more now.

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