Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Senior Project Post- Day 2

Day #2 – After two days working on your project, do you still believe this project is the right fit for you? Justify your response with examples and explanations.

After two days of working on my senior project, I still think the project is right for me. I had a great day today working on creating two “teaching moments” binders with images and comics made from comic life. I also ate lunch with the kids, went to art with the kids, and walked them to various rooms. I think it’s the right fit for me because I love working with kids and I am very good with technology. My technology skills helped me create the comic life and book pages for the “teaching moments” binders that I prepared for some of the kids.

Another reason it is a good fit for me is because I am very patient. Many of the children have anger problems, or have trouble responding when spoken too. Many people would be frustrated with the kids, but after two days I am still finding that I have the patience to work with them. I have seen first hand how difficult it is for the teachers to deal with the kids every day and how frustrated they do get with them, but so far I have been able to be very patient.

I am able to get the kids talking and socializing when they are in good moods and I have been able to engage with them in productive ways. I think the project is the right project for me because of my skills working with kids, my skills working with technology, and my patience. I also don’t mind doing paperwork or packing up school materials which I will soon also be helping with since the school is getting ready to close for the summer.

Also this is the part I did not include in my post for school, the Tourette's and OCD part. Many of the kids have tics since tics tend to come with aspergers and these kinds of disorders. One of the little boys in the class has both Tourette's and Aspergers and he is adorable. I have been enjoying spending time with him and talking with him. He's very quiet so i've been trying to get him to talk more. 

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