Friday, May 11, 2012

Marc Elliot's Book: "What Makes you Tic?"

I just finished Marc Elliot's book "What makes you tic?" and I absolutely loved it! I recommend that anyone with Tourette's read it, and I also recommend it in general for anyone out there no matter what their challenges may be. And I say this because everyone has challenges. You may have Tourette's, or OCD, you may have a child with these disorders, you may be deaf of hard of hearing, or you may think you are too skinny or too fat. Or in fact you may just be too judgmental or have a short temper. Whatever you challenges, big or small, noticeable or hidden, you need to read this book!  Marc's message truly has changed my life and the way I think about not only myself and my TS, but it also changed the way I think about every other person around me. "Live and Let Live" is a message everyone should hear and it is a message I have been trying to live by ever since I heard Marc's speech for the first time back in September. 

Link to purchase Marc's book:

10 minute documentary about Marc Elliot:

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