Monday, November 28, 2011

A Fantastic Birthday Present- James Durbin Necklace to Benefit TSA

Today my mom and I ordered the James Durbin wing necklace to benefit TSA for my Birthday Present! It certainly was not cheep but I am so glad that the proceeds go to TSA. The necklace represents James Durbin's idea that anything is possible and that even with TS you can still fly! James has certainly proven this with how far he has come with his music. I could not think of a better present for my 18th birthday! I can't wait for the necklace to come in the mail and I will certainly wear it to school as soon as it comes. Lately James Durbin has been hugely inspirational to me as an incredibly successful and motivating person who has Tourettes. He has been spreading tons of awareness for TS since his time on American Idol. Way to go James Durbin!

The Necklace:

James Durbin: 

Collector Card: 

Here's the link for James Durbin's necklaces and earings that are on sale to benefit TSA:

Here's his video about the necklaces and earings (Spreading awareness!!!):

Here's one of James's most recent awareness videos:

And Here's a James Durbin American Idol Performance (My favorite!!) 

A original James Durbin song: 

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