Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Passing for Normal! Read it!

Hello blogging world! I know I haven't posted in a long time but I've had a pretty crazy summer! I just wanted to make a short little post today about a book I just read called "Passing for Normal". It was a GREAT book about TS and OCD and if you have either of these conditions or just want to know more about them you should definitely read this book. It's written by an author named Amy Wilensky who has both Tourette's and OCD and writes about her diagnosis of the conditions which occurred in her late 20's after she had lived with both conditions almost all of her childhood. It's a great read, bursting with meaning and insight about the conditions and about life in general. Amy has a great voice which shows clearly though her writing! Thank you Amy for putting your story out there for all of those people with TS and OCD to read and relate to and to educate those people who don't know about these conditions. More to come soon about my oh so busy summer. In fact I may just follow up this post immediately with some posts about summer with TS and OCD. :)

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