Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beginning of Summer

My tics have been a bit more intense today than they have been lately. I think it's because i'm so excited for my 3rd year as a counselor at camp twitch and shout! Cannot wait to see my camp family in a little over a month. My dad will be having open heart surgery about 2 weeks before I head to camp, which may be another reason my tics are acting up. Between my dads surgery and camp, I think this summer may prove to be a ticcy one, but no where close to last summer or the one before it. CBIT and medication has helped a lot and I know that without these interventios my tics would be much much worse with this extra stress and excitement. Today I am thankful for CBIT and my neurologist. I am thankful I am not screaming and hitting myself for a good majority of the days like last summer.

Every year I go to camp, I seem to gain at least a couple new vocal tics, at least temporarily. My motor tics tend to stay the same. I'm interested to see what this year at camp brings, and I am hoping it doesn't bring anything too crazy! Today an old camp tic showed up out of the blue, the tic where I say "no". I only did it a couple of times, but it's clear camp must be on my mind :) 

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  1. My mother had a triple bypass a few years ago, and was up and about in less than a week and home in 7. Made my tics pretty jumpy too though!